Copper Gutter Guards


Reasons to Install Copper Gutter Guards

Copper is a very expensive material, and some homeowners would argue that there is no valid reason why you should install gutter guard made from copper. Copper is said to be a durable material, with some experts claiming it can last up to 100 years. Here some of the reasons you should invest in gutter guards made from copper.


Copper has a rich color that adds to the beauty of a home. Gutter toppers that are made from copper tend to have the same effect on the house that has it installed. If you are in need of a classic or rather vintage look for your house, then choose copper as your gutter guard material.


Copper as a material is very durable and can last for a long time without needing replacements unlike other materials such as plastics. Fluctuation of temperatures are a common problem that affects different materials used to make gutter guards, but for copper, it is a different case as it will not be easily affected by extreme temperature changes.

Little maintenance

Copper gutter toppers are not easily dented. Even though like any other topper, you will have to remove the debris accumulation on the gutter guard, copper guards are not easily damaged and will take a long time for it to be replaced.

Low cost

This point goes against the belief of many, but it is true. Consider the amount of money you would use to replace other gutter toppers such as plastics in every few years, and you will realize that copper is cheaper than plastics or any other materials that gutter guards can be made out of.

Despite all that has been said, there are reasons why you should install a copper gutter guards in your home.